#F13 Bronzing Brush

Made with natural bristles and densely packed this brush is ideal to apply bronzer on the face and body.


  • Use a warm, matte powder to create a sun kissed effect.
  • You can use a circular motion to apply around the perimeter of the face. Another option is to create an ā€œEā€ shape. Start by the side of the forehead, apply to under the cheekbones, and finish under the jaw line.
  • You can also apply bronzer where the sun would naturally hit, along the bridge of the nose and on the cheekbones.


  • For an evening look, use a bronzing powder with shimmer to create a dewy effect.
  • The pocket size of this brush make it a great addition to touch-up bags. The large size of its head will be ideal to use with any compact powder and matte the skin during the day.
  • If you apply too much powder with your powder brush, use F13 bronzing brush with gentle circular movement to remove excess product.