#F11 Stippling Brush

This brush is a multi-purpose tool. You can use it with cream, liquid or powder and also as a blending brush to give an airbrushed finish to the makeup. The white bristles pick up and deposit product evenly whilst the black, denser bristles blend for flawless results.


  • Cream and liquid foundation: Dip your brush in the product and apply to the entire face. Using small, light-handed circular motions blend the foundation with the brush to create a flawless and air brushed finish.
  • Mineral powder: Apply some product to the brush by rubbing it into the powder box, discarding excess product. Use gentle circular motions to apply the product to the face.
  • Blending brush: After applying a cream blush or contour, use a gentle motion to blend the products together. You do not need to apply any additional product to your brush.


  • If you create a contour when applying two shades of foundation, blend them together by first applying the lighter shade, followed by the darker shade.
  • Powder: You can also use the stippling brush as a powder brush, to apply compact and loose powder and dry blush.