#F10 Foundation Brush

This brush is an essential part of your makeup kit. Its domed shape makes this brush a great applicator of any cream or liquid foundation.


  • Use a small amount of product and start working on the T-zone.
  • Work your way out to the hairline or neck, using smooth strokes.
  • The dome shape of the brush will help you to reach the small areas: under the eyes, the side of the nose. The light weight of the brush will allow you to create soft movements for a flawless finish.


  • Use a small amount of product and increase the coverage gradually to avoid creating hard lines.
  • Do not forget to extend the foundation below the chin, and onto the neck. The neck is often lighter than the face.
  • Residual product in the brush will apply a thinner foundation.
  • Always apply brush strokes from bottom to the top. This will give a lifting effect to the face and is more comfortable for your client.