Tips and tricks

03 Manicare tips and tricks

Manicare tips and tricks

Useful tips:

  • If you apply dark makeup on the eyes, always start by doing the eyes first. This way you will avoid having any eyeshadow on your foundation.
  • If you are reinforcing eye makeup and your foundation is already done, generously apply powder under your client’s eyes before doing your makeup. Wipe away the powder when your eye makeup application is finished. The skin remains clean.
  • Always take time to work your foundation, your skin will warm up the product and it will blend nicely.
  • For a maximum highlight use a cream highlighter and a powder on the top.
  • When applying mascara on blond lashes, it can be hard to reach the roots. Use a small brush with product on it, and apply mascara on the roots working to the top of the lashes.
  • If you use bright colours, it is often safer to keep the lash line darker and with neutral tones. This way your will give definition to your eyes.
  • Gently warm your eyelash curler with a hairdryer before using it; the heat will give a better curl to the lashes.