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01 Mature skin makeup and makeup with glasses

Mature skin makeup and makeup with glasses

Makeup for mature skin:


A liquid foundation is recommended for mature skin. With age, most women wear less makeup and will appreciate a lighter feeling on the skin. Moisturise the face well before application. Do not choose too light a foundation, a pale face can be ageing.


Use a lighter shade of foundation and apply in the heavy lines: frown lines, smile lines, nasolabial folds. This technique will give an optical illusion of volume and smooth the lines.


Powder should be applied very lightly.

Highlight and contour:

Avoid heavy contour and dark shades on mature clients. A dark shade can be applied on the jaw line, to reshape the oval of the face.


Thin dark brows can be ageing, make sure not to choose too dark a shade.


Do not use shimmer products, they will make the lines more apparent. Replace black with brown or grey if you are using a pencil.


Soft pink and apricots are flattering colours.


Avoid matte colours. When applying lipstick, do not apply colours up to the corners of the lips. This can give a sad shape, and avoiding it will prevent bleeding.

Makeup with eyeglasses:

Always use a bit more eyeshadow, eyeglasses tend to minimise the makeup.

Use eyeliner to give the impression of a thicker lash line.

Avoid thick false lashes, they can touch the glasses and be uncomfortable for your client.