Essential Looks

02 Enhancing your day look for an evening look

Enhancing your day look for an evening look

  1. Using the bronzing brush, accentuate the contour with a bronzer. Use on the temples, under the cheekbones, on the jawline and on the collarbone.
  2. Add a bit of shimmer highlighter on the top of the cheekbones with your contouring brush.
  3. Apply a more intense shade of eyeshadow powder with your contouring shadow brush. Gradually accentuate the colour at the outside corner of the eyes on the upper lid and lower lid. When working on the lower eyelid use the tip of your contouring brush to apply to the lower lash line.
  4. Blend the more intense shade of eyeshadow up to the crease with your blending brush. Slightly blend the lower eyelid onto the skin below the eye.
  5. Add a bronze or gold eyeshadow in the middle of the eyelid with your blending brush to brighten the eyes, apply the same shade on the bottom eyelid.
  6. With a dark liner pencil draw a thin line using small strokes on the upper eyelid and apply on the waterline. The outside corner should be more intense.
  7. Smudge the pencil on the top and bottom eyelid with the smudge brush to create a hazy effect.
  8. Using a small brush, apply a light shimmery shade on the inner corner of the eyes.
  9. Powder lightly with loose powder and the powder brush to avoid unwanted shine on the T-zone.
  10. Brush the eyebrows upward for a fresh look. Intensify the shade with your Brow/Eye definer brush if necessary.
  11. Apply a nice shade of lipgloss to finish the look.