Essential Looks

01 Ten-minute makeup look

Ten-minute makeup look

  1. Lightly apply foundation using the Manicare foundation brush. Use very light coverage for a day look, remember the more cream products you apply on the skin the more powder you will need to use during the day. A great tip with the foundation brush is if you miss some you can create a light pressure on the skin with the brush, you don’t need to reload the brush with product, just apply with light pressure onto the skin.
  2. Conceal any blemishes or dark circles using the Brow/Eye definer brush. You can also use the smudge brush to blend the product onto the skin.
  3. Apply a cream highlighter with your foundation brush on the top of the cheekbones and between the eyebrows for a natural dewy effect. Choose a cream highlighter because it has a more natural effect than a powder one.
  4. Powder lightly using the powder brush.
  5. Use a soft shade of cream eyeshadow and use the smudging brush apply it on the top and lower eyelid. When working with cream eyeshadow try to blend quickly to avoid the product drying out.
  6. Choose a soft shade of blush for the apple of the cheeks and middle of the eyelids, to brighten them.
  7. Coat the lashes with mascara. Start with the bottom lashes to avoid the top lashes coating your eyelid.
  8. Comb your brows upward using the lash/brow brush and using a powder or cream brow product fill in the spaces between the hairs in your brows. To blend the product on the skin use the eyebrow comb.
  9. Finish the look with a natural shade of gloss or lipstick.