04 Eyeliner


  1. If you’re making up someone else, ask them to close their eyes, and pull the arch of the eyebrow upwards with your fingers so you don’t create any lines on the skin. If you are doing your own makeup, place a mirror under your face and look down.
  2. Using your brow/eye definer brush trace a small angled line at the outside corner of the eye using a cream liner or a cake liner. Make sure your brush is full of product and the bristles are flat and together.
  3. Draw a small straight line in the middle of the eye and then create a line along the eye lid to join with the wing at the end using long strokes.
  4. Trace a thinner line from the middle of the eye to the inner corner.
  5. Open the eyes and look up and with a small amount of product draw a thin line on the inner corner of the eye. If you are working on yourself, place the mirror in front of you and look straight into it as you do this step.