01 Brow shaping

Brow shaping

  1. Remove any unwanted hairs using Manicare tweezers.
  2. Use the Manicare brow/eye definer brush to apply concealer under the brows and on the brow bone. Choose a light shade to create a highlight effect.
  3. Blend your concealer on the skin using the blending brush.
  4. Brush the brows using the lash/brow brush.
  5. Choose a cream or powder similar to the eyebrow colour. Ashy shades work better on blonde, brown and dark eyebrows.
  6. Start to intensify the arch of the brows with little feathering movements with your brow/eye definer brush.
  7. Draw a very thin line for the brow tail using a clean brow/eye definer brush.
  8. With the rest of product on your brush, work with little feathering movements at the beginning of the brow to fill any gaps.
  9. Spray some hairspray on the brush side of the Lash/brow brush, and brush the eyebrows gently. Comb the brows upward for a soft look. This will keep them in place for the day.

*Remember eyebrows should be more intense at the arch brow and lighter at the beginning. This will give a lift to the eyes by drawing the attention to the highest point of the eyes.

    *Eyebrows according to facial shapes:

  • Oval: Natural brow shape; can suit thin or thick brows.
  • Square: Curved eyebrows are recommended to minimise angles.
  • Round: Push the brow line towards the hairline and outside of the face, this will give some angularity to the face.
  • Oblong: Eyebrows should have a straight line and no angles.