01 Forming a base

Forming a base

  1. Before starting your makeup application, make sure the skin is clean and moisturised.
  2. Test your foundation colour on the jaw line.
  3. Apply a base, if necessary, with the Manicare foundation brush. Choose a matte base for oily skin, shimmer base for a dewy effect, or a coloured base to correct unwanted undertones. If you have a good skin, a dewy base will enhance its natural beauty.
  4. Use the foundation brush to apply the foundation, starting at the center of the face and working outwards.
  5. Working with small circular motions with the Manicare stippling brush, blend your foundation to give an airbrushed effect on the skin.
  6. Blend the foundation on the neck.
  7. Correct any blemishes, redness and dark circles using a concealer with the Brow/Eye definer brush. Its small size is perfect to apply concealer in small areas. Use colour corrector concealer if necessary. Concealer can be one tone lighter than the skin. A peachy concealer is used to correct and remove the purple tone under the eyes.
  8. Blend your concealer into the skin using the smudge brush.
  9. Using a loose powder, set your makeup starting at the chin, and moving upward. Focus on the T-zone, where the skin is oilier. Avoid having too much product on the brush by tapping excess off.