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03 How to clean brushes

How to clean brushes

It is recommended that you wash your brushes at least once per week.

Swirl each brush in warm soapy water and let it soak for a few seconds, then rinse with cool water. Be sure to remove any excess water to prevent mould. Then reshape your brushes and lay them down on a towel to dry. Do not use a hair dryer when drying your brushes, as synthetic bristles can burn.

To kill germs and bacteria, cleaning should be followed by sanitisation, using a specialised antibacterial product, to be applied when the brushes are dry. Manicare Brush Cleaner will sanitise your brushes without damaging the bristles.

When applying makeup to your client, you must always use clean brushes to prohibit the spread of germs and bacteria. Remember that your products can be contaminated as well.

Manicare Brush Cleaner can be used between applications to quickly sanitise your brushes. Apply a small amount directly to the brush and rub gently against a paper towel or tissue to sanitise.

To maintain the condition of your natural hair brushes, you can also apply a small amount of conditioner and leave it to absorb for few minutes. The conditioner will fix the split ends on your brushes, just as it does for human hair.