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02 Understanding the differences between brushes

Understanding the differences between brushes

How to choose your brushes

Brushes can often be split into three categories:

  • Natural brushes are generally used to apply dry/powder products
  • Synthetic brushes are generally used to apply cream/liquid products
  • Blending brushes are used for smoothing

Brushes used to apply cream or liquid products are densely packed. This keeps the product between the bristles and avoids product loss. It will also help reduce hard lines when applying makeup.

Natural brushes will appear fluffier and are better for evenly depositing makeup on a wide area.

Blending brushes can be used with textured, cream or powder products. The product is rarely applied to the brush, rather, the brush is used to blend products together, and dissipate harsh lines.

How to identify your brush:
A useful method of identifying whether a brush should be used for powder or cream is to test the density of its bristle:
Gently press the head of the brush into the palm of your hand. If the bristles show resistance to the pressure, and do not bend or splay, you are most likely holding a brush meant to be used for blending or for cream product application. Likewise, a brush which is soft, and which bends more in the hand, or has its bristles splay in your palm, indicates the brush would be better for applying powder product.